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The Decibelle Music and Culture Festival is an annual 501C3 not-for-profit, community-based event that features internationally acclaimed and emerging female musicians and artists, educators, activists, and community leaders in dozens of events, including concerts, workshops, panels, and a film festival presented at Chicago's best venues. Decibelle is organized by women and open to all. Our mission is to help build and foster a supportive arts community that inspires, educates, breaks down stereotypes, and encourages bold creative expression. Each year, Decibelle partners with, presents and benefits powerful women and women's non-profit organizations for the arts, education, health, social change, human rights and non-violence.

Decibelle uses art as a tool for social change by showcasing the most groundbreaking, fearless artists of our time whose work inspires new ways of thinking, breaks downs stereotypes and strives to eradicate injustice in our communities and around the world. Decibelle features women artists, creates positive images for girls and gives a voice to underrepresented genres, themes and human beings. Decibelle advocates for positive media representation and visibility for women. Decibelle values bold self expression, and involved, engaged communities.

Decibelle features women artists, creates positive images for girls and gives a voice to underrepresented genres, themes and human beings.

Decibelle presents a diverse mix of workshops including healthcare, performance, finance, politics, entertainment business, do-it-yourself car maintenance, independent publishing and more. With the core mission of community building, Decibelle collaborates with organizations that share a passion for social change, human rights, non- violence and cultural arts.  Decibelle donates proceeds to beneficiaries that represent the spirit of Decibelle such as Burma's Shan Women's Action Network, National Organization for Women and Girls Rock! Chicago. In 2006, Jagged Tulips, a rock band comprised of 12-year olds from Girls Rock! Chicago, opened at the Metro for 70s punk icon Nina Hagen, providing a thrill to the audience and musicians alike. In 2005, Decibelle beneficiary Shan Women's Action Network and the US Campaign for Burma spoke to concert audiences about the campaign to end brutality against women in the war- torn border of Burma and Thailand.   

Why Decibelle? Women are vastly under-represented in the creative fields and technical aspects of music, art and filmmaking. A very low percentage of women make the music, direct the films, master the sound and lights, produce the recordings, build the sets, and wire the electricity. Decibelle seeks to create spaces where women can cultivate their talents in all creative areas, try out new ideas, develop new skills, share knowledge, and simply put, thrive in a supportive community of women and men who share the vision. Decibelle hopes to inspire women to pick up a guitar, a paintbrush, a power tool, a mic, some drum sticks, a video camera, and an attitude that anything is possible.


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